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What is relationship marketing‪?

Annelise Worn: 

Are you forming real relationships with your potential and current customers?

Or are you only really touching base when you’re keen to make a sale or upsell them?

Think of it this way – which of the following appeals to you more –

Having someone, who you haven’t heard from in ages, randomly reach out to you with a sales offer?


Hearing from someone fairly regularly, building a friendship with them, and then going to them when you’re ready to buy?

You are your business. And relationships go a long way. You need to be thinking long term about the people in your network.

Today, I’m chatting with business strategist and marketing mentor, Annelise Worn about relationship marketing.

It’s another fab episode – and I know you’re going to love it.

Let’s jump in!

Listen to the Podcast Here


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