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Personal Breakthrough Program

I am honoured to be supporting Powerful Empowered Women for their event in collaboration with i4give Day, by donating my most popular Coaching package being the “Personal Breakthrough Program”. These powerful coaching sessions really get to the core of anything which prevents individuals from reaching their desired dreams, goals, and outcomes.

I love the Personal Breakthrough Program because it really assists individuals to experience freedom. We work on releasing negative emotions, limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, install better states or beliefs that will better serve you, values to be more effective in moving towards what’s important to you, as well as designing a future that you will be excited about. This program provides for a true breakthrough, setting you up for success and on a path for greatness and potential.

The Personal Breakthrough Program is a series of 1-1 Coaching Sessions with me. This is an extraordinary approach to helping you overcome any obstacles preventing you from reaching your desired outcome, goal, and success. In this Personal Breakthrough Coaching Package, you choose an area of your life you wish to improve. We will work together to eliminate anything which is preventing you from reaching your desired outcome, resolve issues of the past, and create a plan for a compelling future. This package consists of approximately 4-6 individual 1 to 1 Coaching sessions and is valued at $1200.  The deep change work will create a sense of release, creating space for you to move forward with clarity and excitement towards your desired goals.

It is my pleasure to support a great cause, and I am excited to do what I love and at the same time help somebody on their journey of growth and excellence.

Sandi Diaz

Master NLP Coach & Trainer


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