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Yelda Chembirika is an Afghan-Australian entrepreneur and a proud mother of 5 beautiful girls. She is the founder of the successful mortgage broking company, Mortgagebiz, and is known for co-founding Nexa Homes, Nexa Developers and the Nexus Affiliates Investment group.


Coming to Australia from a war-torn country at a very young age, Yelda went through countless adversities that strengthened her resolve and empowered her to make a change and become the first of many exceptions in an environment that challenged her because of her gender. She is a strong believer in empowering other women and having their voices heard.


To Yelda, women empowerment means focusing on building strong bonds between women, rather than seeing each other as competition. She also believes in being able to have the same freedom as others, giving women the opportunity to make choices without any restraints or judgment.


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