Powerful Women

Message from Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne

I’d like to congratulate Pratibha Bhanushali on the launch of the Powerful Empowered Women. An excellent initiative aimed at bringing women of all walks of life together to connect, to encourage, to do business and to challenge the status quo.

Western Sydney is home to some of the most dynamic and innovative women on earth and everyday I am fortunate to meet more of these incredible women who are doing extraordinary things. By working together and supporting each other, women can break those glass ceilings and achieve their dreams and aspirations in whatever field they choose.

More than ever we need to empower women, equip them with the skills and confidence to take on leadership roles whether it be in Government, the private or community sectors. Women bring a different perspective to the table and it’s important that more women get involved in leadership.

I’m always delighted to hear about initiatives like Powerful Empowered Women and I look forward to hearing the stories of successful from women in this group and seeing more women empowered to take on the world.

Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne


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Our mission is to bring together a collective group of empowered women. We’re passionate about making a difference and being a voice for women in business and the community,


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